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Mos Def - Kalifornia

 Photo by misterand

Photo by misterand

For some reason I always trusted Mos Def. Maybe his role in Brown Sugar as the artist, reluctant to be commercialized, or perhaps incredible commercialization and marketing with Jordan has played a role. I always feel like when he says something, he believes it whole-heartedly. Even when he changed his name to Yassin Bey, I knew it was for a reason.

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 I'm from California and left the state because I thought the grass might be greener in another place. But Yaasin Bey has reminded me of what 2pac and Dr.Dre knew along. That in fact, California knows how to party.  Here, Yasiin Bey delivers the message with a contemplative approach, sampling The Mahavishnu Orchestra

I've been listening to this song non-stop through this winter while I keep California Dreamin'. 

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