Grand Canyon

At a certain point while driving through the Mojave dessert I felt like I was truly on an adventure. Not because anything spectacular was happening - I was just driving from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in a rented car with my girlfriend - but it felt as close to danger as I had been in a long time and danger felt good. 

I focused on the beautiful cacti and coversational questions that would illicit long and intimate responses but in the back of my head I knew one dark thought to be true: If the car were to for some reason get fucked up...we'd be fucked!  We both had Sprint service. 


So in 110 degree heat we rode through the Wild West passing several blazes...the heat had grounded planes and made the devil jealous. (I felt so bad for the homeless people outside!) Luckily our Kia did it's thing and safely got us to the Grand Canyon where we stayed the night. We found a modern dope Italian restaurant amongst the tourists traps and after a flight beers and wine...we were ready to rest up for the sights.